At StressLess Chameleon our fun, motivating, friendly and empowering, 1 day workshops have been created for anyone who wants to experience ways to connect with themselves; the inner strength, power, grace and spirit, without the price tag of one to one coaching. 
Our workshops provide a safe, fun and supportive environment for you to explore your unconsciousexpress your creativity and learn to find a peaceful place inside yourself. Whether you want to learn to meditate or make changes in your life through having clearly defined goals, learn techniques to manage stress or even learn how to develop your own psychic abilities, StressLess Chameleon has a workshop to suit you. We will be on hand to help and assist you to maximise positive outcomes for you.



Goal factory – Have you ever set yourself a goal and never achieved it? Like New Year resolutions for example? There are many reasons we don't follow through with goals. This non-residential workshop will help you focus and ask yourself what the goal(s) will give you, and give yourself a deadline to achieving the goal(s) by.  And to work out a plan of how you are going to get it and make these goals SMART.


Managing stress – This workshop is designed to help you manage stress and manage your state. We will use NLP techniques to help you identify your best state and so it’s available to you whenever you need it. We will also teach you some yoga techniques to help you relax and be mindful of the here and now. 

Living with stress through physical or emotional pain, disappointment, anxiousness and who knows what else, is exhausting.  We don't need more of that. The focus of the workshop will be to learn to process negative, debilitating feelings and states to acknowledge those feeling and learn how to choose find your own way to help you manage stress.

Workshop begins with guided meditations

Visualisation & meditation - This workshop focuses on creative visualisation and meditation. We will go through with you some theory, applications and benefits of meditation. And teach you some techniques to help you find peace of mind, explore what it means to be true to yourself and help you tap into your infinite unconscious resources. Step into your world of inner creativity, strength, compassion, confidence, beauty and intuition.
Vision Board workshop -During the vision board workshop you will learn the power of positive affirmations and law of attraction. Part of the process is to build a wish board  to consciously and unconsciously set the direction of your life for the next 12 months or 5 years, depending on what you want and when you want it. This workshop is fun, enlightening and easy. Prior to the workshop you will be sent tips on creating a wish board to start you off thinking about your wish board and collecting materials you may want to use on your board.
You will be supplied with the following materials: Scissors, cardboard, glue sticks, magazines & paints. If you feel you will need anything else please feel free to bring the materials with you (people do bring things like ribbon, glitter or photographs to add to their wish boards)
 6th sense – This workshop is specifically designed for those of you interested in psychic development using tarot, guardian angels & spirit guides, aura readings and colour therapy, connecting to crystals, opening your chakras to receive important messages from the universe and protecting your chakras from negative energies. This workshop is run as both a residential and non-residential workshop and will help you to connect with your unconscious, listen to what your soul and energies around you are telling you; learn to open yourself in a safe way to receive messages from the universe and trust in yourself. Prior to the workshop you will be sent tips to prepare you for the workshop, you will need to bring your own deck of tarot cards.

Some experience of meditation & visualisation is recommended, but not necessary come and join us and have some fun!

Private readings are available with experienced & reliable readers, price available upon request.




If you think you are suffering from depression, or are taking prescribed medication for any mental health realted illnesses please contact your GP as some therapies may not be suitable for you.