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Kavitha is a highly qualified, experienced, intuitive and skilled Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Trainer. She has a natural and empathetic way of working with groups and individuals. Her style of coaching, counselling & training is practical and motivating. She is deeply committed to working with clients to help them find possible options for moving forward with measurable action steps. She builds trust & credibility easily and provides clients with the best solution. 

Kavitha earned her BSc. Hons in Biochemistry & Medical Biosciences in 2000, an MBA in 2002 and trained as a yoga teacher in 2006 she lived at the ashram for the entirety of her training and had a wonderful journey, which involved spiritual growth and purification. Following that her training as an NLP Master Practitioner was the most natural step for her to take to allow her to bring together her 10 years of corporate experience with her therapeutic practice; to work with people in a practical, holistic & connected way. We are whole people with hopes, desires, dreams, goals and skills what stops us from being the best we can be is our insecurities, fears and limiting beliefs. Through her coaching Kavitha will help you work through the very beliefs that stop you from being your very best self to acheive Concious Clarity & Unconcious Confidence.  

Balance is very important to Kavitha and has a healthy interest in the spiritual side of life as well as the practical day to day “real world” aspects; this is evident through her professional and educational background and the spiritual awareness she has been blessed with and fine tuned.

Kavitha lived in the beautiful valleys of Wales as a child and moved with her family to Malaysia where she finished the remainder of her school years. Kavitha returned to the UK to complete her tertiary education at university and during this time developed a love of spirituality, meditation and tarot. Having then found herself being in London and having various and exciting roles, she decided to return to university to study for a Masters degree in Business Administration. Kavitha’s first role upon finishing her masters was to work for a charity that provided safe housing for women and children who are victims of domestic violence. She holds an active role as a director of the charity.

Kavitha’s job roles have been very varied and included the challenge of managing a team of 40 support services staff in a very busy, pressured and targeted NHS trust. She has always found working with people incredibly rewarding and took on roles that required strategic planning and understanding client needs. She found herself in roles which moulded her coaching and training journey. As an account manager at an advertising agency, senior account manager at a world class market consulting firm and as a business development manager for an online publisher. She has mentored and trained account executives, sales people, corporate fundraisers and administrative staff. Her role as a sales person involves targeting C-Level and senior business decision makers in companies in EMEA and globally. Kavitha still holds the role as a global manager for Business Development for a marketing solutions provider. This enables her to remain connected with the business world to help fully understand the issues her executive coaching clients face.